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Why hello there, you lucky little squirt!

Have you found yourself rejected from polite society for your “different ideas,” your “inability to conform,” or your “tendency to murder hapless bystanders?” Do you feel as if life is moving at a pace entirely too ethical? Did a wealthy relative recently pass away, giving you a massive inheritance that you just don’t know what to do with?

Then come on over to the sparkling city of Roulettia, a paradise of expression where no dream is too small, no hunger too insatiable, and, most importantly, no pocket too deep.

Welcome to Swagtacular Roulettia is a setting module compatible with the Cypher System that includes six locations, two descriptors, nine NPCs, and over a dozen items inspired by the actual play podcast Quest Friends! Flashback Future.



Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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While you might have to pay for everything in Roulettia, that's not true here! Every time we sell a copy of Welcome to Swagtacular Roulettia on itch, a new community copy is added. If you're struggling to afford the module, feel free to claim one of these free copies of the game; they're here for you!

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