NEW PRE-GEN SETTING: Explore the Next World!

Setting is important to Under the Neighborhood: there's a reason the game's title focuses on the setting, after all. Despite this, the core rulebook only features one sample setting.

So I made another!

The Next World is a free eight page expansion to Under the Neighborhood that places your characters in a sci-fi world inspired by Quest Friends! Flashback Future. It includes a whole swath of new content that you can use in this setting or your own, including four NPCs, updated lore (please don't sue us Monte Cook Games), and two brand-new Descriptors.

You can find the expansion as a free post over at the Quest Friends! Patreon: In addition to this free update, I'll be creating new content for Under the Neighborhood every month on our Patreon, so if you like the game and would like some more of it, I'd encourage you to check out!


(Cover image artwork by Saigar)

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