UPDATE: Roll20 Character Sheets Available

Since beginning work on Under the Neighborhood, I knew I wanted to have sheets available for the online tabletop platform Roll20. My entire experience with playing TTRPGs has been via the internet, so it's important to me that playing remotely is just as fun and straightforward as playing in person. And after a few months of work, Roll20 expert Scott Casey has finalized our digital character sheets, which are free for anyone to use!

When creating a new game, select Under the Neighborhood under the field Optional: Choose a Character Sheet. This will give you access to character sheets specifically designed for the game! 

At the top of the sheet, you'll see a button for every Basic Move in the game. These moves by default will use their associated stat (e.g. See Into Their Heart will use Heart), but you can customize which Move uses which stat using the "Basic move Stats." When you roll using these buttons, you'll not only get your numerical result, but you'll also be notified whether it's a critical success, full success, mixed success, failure, or critical failure. You'll also be given prompts about what to do next, so you don't have to reference the rulebook about what to do when you roll a mixed success on Touch The Other Side, for example.

Underneath that, you'll see the Settings options. Each of the settings are as follows

  • Sheet type: Lets you choose between Character (the most common sheet), Mon (a sheet for each Mon being played), and Game Screen (a sheet that can be used to track Slice of Life Complications and Confrontation clocks)
  • Has Arc/Flaw: Makes the Arc Move section of the character sheet available.
  • Skills Use Moves: If you press the die next to a skill on the character sheet, the system will ask you what Move you'd like to use before you roll.
  • Is Weird: You have the Weird stat.
  • Use Roll Modifiers: If this isn't selected, you'll be able to choose whether you have Advantage/Disadvantage or a bonus value (e.g. +1 forward) when rolling. If it is selected, it adds a section to the character sheet where you can enter in multiple sources of +/- bonuses and Advantage/Disadvantage.
  • Whisper to GM: Can be set to never whisper your rolls and messages to the GM or always whisper them.
  • Use Initiative: Adds an Initiative roll option for Confrontations.
  • Use Physical Dice:  Instead of rolling when you select a Move, the system prompts you to enter in the results of your dice roll. Useful for players who still like to roll physical dice.

In-between the Basic Move buttons and Settings section, there's an image of a piece of paper on the right. Select this, and it will open up your character sheet.

I won't go over the entire character sheet here, as most of it works the same way as it does in PDF form. However, there are a few things I'd like to point out:

  • Skills, Inabilities, and Signature Items all have the image of a die next to them. If you select that die, you can roll using that Skill/Inability/Signature Item. You can also mark each of these as "Super," meaning they provide Double Advantage.
  • Underneath Character Move, you can select "Customize Results" to add what happens when you roll a full success, mixed success, or failure using a Character Move. This can be really helpful for Arc Moves, which Under the Neighborhood encourage homebrewing.
  • If you check the box next to a character under the Combability Section, the system will assume that the Character is using the Situational Move Help a Friend, and it will ask you what bonus you'd like to apply. If they're using the Situational Move Interfere, you can select the Interference box instead.

And that's the sheet! If you have any questions on how to use it (or something isn't working as expected), please comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Otherwise, happy (remote) adventuring!

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